Tim Elrick
(né Fallenbacher)


The University of Edinburgh
School of Social and Political Studies

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Crystal Macmillan Building
15A George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9LD
United Kingdom

Professional Experience Memberships Publications Selected Presentations
Research Foci:
  • social networks / social capital
  • (ethnic / immigrant) entrepreneurship
  • labour migration
  • social in- / exclusion
Professional Experience


Research fellow in the EU Marie Curie Excellence Grant Project KNOWMIG

2004 - 2006

Researcher at the HWWA-Migration Research Group

2002 - 2004

PhD scholarship from the Hanns Seidel Foundation, Munich, Germany


Prize awarded for an outstanding M.A. thesis by the Franconian Geographical Society (Fränkische Geographische Gesellschaft FGG), Erlangen

since 2005

Network of Excellence in the domain of International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion (IMISCOE)

since 2001

Association of Geographers at German Universities (VGDH)
Other Functions

Since 2007

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Student Journal for Politics and Society 360°

forthcoming 2009

Changing patterns of Polish labour migration after UK's opening of the labour market? Insights from rural case studies in the voidvodship Opolskie and Swietokrzyskie. (with Emilia Lewandowska) In: Kathy Burrell (ed.): Polish Migration to the UK in the 'New' European Union: After 2004, Ashgate.

forthcoming 2008

Politici de migratie si strategii ale migrantilor transnationali între România si Spania. In: Anghel, Remus and Istvan Horvath (eds.): Sociologia Migratiei: Cazul Romanesc. Polirom. (with Oana Ciobanu) [Translated title: Migration policies and strategies of transnational migrants between Romania and Spain]


Migration Networks and Policy Impacts: Insights from Romanian-Spanish Migrations (with Oana Ciobanu) In: Global Networks 9(1): 100-116.


The Influence of Migration on Origin Communities: Insights from Polish Migrations to the West. In: Europe Asia Studies 60(9): 1505-1519.


Policy Brief: Migration Networks and Their Influence on Migration Policies. In: focusMigration 11. Hamburg/Berlin.


Rezension (Review): "Goeke, Pascal 2007: Transnationale Migrationen. Post-jugoslawische Biografien in der Weltgesellschaft. Bielefeld. " In: Geographische Revue 10(1): 71-77.


Matching and Making Labour Demand and Supply: Agents in Polish Migrant Networks of Domestic Elderly Care in Germany and Italy (with Emilia Lewandowska) In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 34(5): 717-734.


The New Face of East-West Migration in Europe, special edition of Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 34:5, guest edited with Adrian Favell.


Der Einfluss von Migration auf die Herkunftsgemeinden. Fallstudien polnisch-deutscher Migrationen. In: Nowicka, Magda (Hg.): Von Polen nach Deutschland und zurück. Die Arbeitsmigration und ihre Herausforderungen für Europa. transcript Publishers: pp. 249-270. (with Emilia Lewandowska) [Translated title: The influence of migration on the origin communities. Case studies Polish-German migrations]


State of the Art: Migration Decision Making and Social Networks (KnowMig Working Paper, February 2005)


"Ethnic Business" in Nürnberg: Fallstudie Dönerkebap. In: Mitteilungen der Fränkischen Geographischen Gesellschaft 48: pp. 247-272. (Ethnic business in Nuremberg: case study on the donar kebap trade).
Selected Presentations

Jan 2008

"Temporary Migration and Community Cohesion: the Nature and Impact of Migration from East-Central to Western Europe", Department of European Studies and Modern Languages, University of Bath, UK;
Topic: The influence of migration on the origin communities. Insights from rural Poland

Oct 2007

Biannual Conference of the German Geographers (Deutscher Geographentag), 2007, Bayreuth, Germany;
Topic: Are "ethnic" entrepreneurs different entrepreneurs?

Sept 2007

IMISCOE Annual conference 2007 at University of Sussex, UK;
Topic: Evaluating the Impact of Migration Policy Changes on Migration Strategies. Insights from Romanian-Spanish migrations (with Oana Ciobanu)

Aug 2007

Royal Geographic Society-Institute of British Geographers RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2007 in London, UK;
Topic: Being an ‘ethnic entrepreneur’ or just being entrepreneurial?

Apr 2007

Conference "Three Years On: EU Accession and East European Migration to the UK and Ireland", Leicester, DeMontfort University, Presentation on "Changing Patterns of Polish Migration after May 2004? Insights from Rural Migration to the UK" (with Emilia Lewandowska)

July 2006

International Migration Conference, Migrinter, University of Poitiers, France
Topic: Are Ethnic Entrepreneurs Different Entrepreneurs? A Study about Social Capital of Pakistani and German Businessmen.