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Online Migration Statistics
Available at,3373,en_2649_39023663_1_1_1_1_37415,00.html

ILO International Labour Migration Database (International Labour Organization)
The ILO International Labour Migration Database is based on responses of ILO member states to a questionnaire survey mailed in 1998 to obtain basic (and hard to find) data on stocks and flows of migrant labour. Search by country or statistical table in addition to the facility to compare data from different countries and pre-defined charts. Data is available in HTML format. There is also a utility which allows registered users to submit informaiton directly to the ILM database.

International Migration (UN Population Division, Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs)
The page leads to a press release, a wall chart in PDF, or a downloadable Excel table, providing, for each country, total population (2000), migrant stock, number of refugees, net migration, workers' remittances and as percent of GDP, immigration and emigration levels for 2001. Other useful migration and population links maybe found at:

Migration Information Source (Migration policy Institute, Washington DC, US)
The Migration Information Source provides access to a wealth of data relating to migration, immigration, refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. This includes access to recent news stories, interviews and global migration data compiled from major international organisations and national governments. Also available are country profiles; migration maps; comparative charts and tables in addition to the Global Data Center, data tools and links to US migration data and reources.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Statistics
The authoritative site on refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. As well as statistics and graphs, a number of reports and other publications are available.

European Commission - Statistical data on migration and asylum

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Database
The IDP database was established by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in 1998 at the request of the United Nations. It offers comprehensive and frequently updated information and analysis on situations of conflict-induced internal displacement.

The database is available at

Virtual Laboratory of Migration
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